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“A designer knows that their work is not perfect when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away from it.”

We would like to be your creative partner. Our goal is to provide high-quality graphic and marketing services to our partners. We take every project to heart and strive to provide the best quality and value. After all, there is no successful work without a satisfied customer.

We have a determinedly creative, precise, and colorful personality, always striving to overcome current challenges with conscience and confidence.

Dora Krisztina Halász

mother of four, wife, partner, graphic designer, creative expert, and founder of StudioDD.

StudioDD in Austria

As a KATA entrepreneur, we weighed our options and made a decision. One of the boldest and bravest decisions was made – we thought about it for weeks, as the future of StudioDD and the quality and life of our labor of love depended on it – so we decided that our family and our business will move from Hungary.

As a family business, we sold our house, found a new home, and we are happy to announce that from October 2022, we will continue our lives and work near Graz, Austria.

We didn’t go far, we are still 100% committed to the Hungarian and now also the Austrian service market!

We are fortunate that the location does not affect our work, as we work online with 95% of our partners.